On July 31, we hosted online the first activities of the Youth Work Seal: taking the youth work to the next level! project while waiting to meet all of us in Malta for the official kick-off to be hosted from September 18 to 23.

The activity, preparatory to the official one in Malta, served to get to know each other better, present the project and its activities, and discuss together the strategy to be implemented: interesting ideas and important points of view emerged, in line with the experience and professionalism of the partners.

The project includes 3 international activities, a cycle of 9 local activities for each country for a total of 54 local events aimed at promoting dialogue between young people and policy makers and, at the same time, setting the basis for influencing the creation of policies to support young people.

At the end of this track, a Charter, a kind of policy document, will be developed, which will contain recommendations and proposals and will be presented at the final event (to be held in Brussels) at the European Parliament in March 2024