A day of pure youth protagonism was staged today at the Regina Margherita in Cagliari, where the activities of Connections 2023 “the Global Village of Social Engagement,” promoted by the Sardinian association TDM2000 International, continued. During the plenary, in particular, the more than 130 young people, youth workers and local representatives, discussed this morning the issues of democratic participation with representatives of the Italian and European Parliament.
Opening the proceedings, the senator of Fratelli d’Italia Antonella Zedda reviewed the main stages of her political experience. It was an intimate reconstruction that did not fail to bring out interesting insights into the merits of the youth/active participation relationship: “I started being interested in politics when I was 14 because I wanted to change my local community. Today, I participate in enacting legislation directly related to the lives of citizens, animated by the same spirit as that 14-year-old girl. Being a key player in one’s municipality, region, country through political activism is crucial. Politics is a complex and often untimely system, so you have to start actively contributing from a young age. You, for this reason,” continued the member of Fratelli d’Italia addressing the young people of Connessioni, “must not wait for the call to action to try to change your territory, be it local or international.

“In Europe, European states experience an authentic paradox on a daily basis,” Zedda adds. “In Italy, in particular, we often miss numerous opportunities because of a questionable vision expressed by Legislators and local administrators. The EU,” he concludes, “can represent an opportunity only if its policies are fully exploited. Conversely, the opposite is true if the EU is to represent for European citizens an institution good only for imposing speckled actions such as the universal telephone adapter and if its programs are inaccessible.”

Next, from Brussels, spoke the MEP from the Nonattached Group, Francesca Donato, who, in dialogue with Luca Frongia of TDM 2000, extended the youth/representation relationship to the European dimension: “Representing my territory has always directed my political activity. Throughout this term I have worked to stimulate an improvement in European institutions and policies, starting with countering the self-referentiality of European political action and promoting coherence and competence on EU issues. If all political representatives were more consistent,” Donato continued, “the Union would be a better place. Today, unfortunately, we must note that there is too much regulatory rigidity and impediments for citizens and businesses in the EU. We need more flexibility, attention to needs, ensuring more transparency and introducing the direct election of the President of the European Commission, together with, the appointment of European Commissioners from among elected parliamentarians. This way of doing things,” the Nonattached member continues, “can only ensure the best way of representing the will of the people. My battle for the next term will be directed in this direction.”

“Studying the characteristics of one’s region and nation, being aware, critical and discerning is the best path to follow in politics,” Donato replied to the young people of Connection, while on the relationship of trust and representation, “to rebuild credibility around politics, transparency and accountability from politicians are needed,” Donato concluded.

For the City of Cagliari, again, Councillor for Productive Activities, Alessandro Sorgia reiterated that although “politics is at its lowest today,” one must believe in one’s right to vote and exercise it. The best recipe for the Truzzu Council member to “counter abstentionism and qualunquistic arguments.”

A concept reiterated by Lucia Pecorario of the European Parliament Office in Italy, who shared with the young people of Connessioni the results achieved with the European initiatives “I want a planet like this” and “Togheter.eu,” Antonello Chessa and Alexandra Stan, representatives, respectively, of the Europe direct desks Sardinia Region and Salerno: “We are working hard in the territories to promote the participation of young people in the upcoming European elections in June 2024 and special meetings with information professionals aimed at supporting a positive narrative of the EU.”

Translated from the article of Sardegnagol. https://www.sardegnagol.eu/giovani-e-partecipazione-le-istituzioni-europee-e-italiane-si-confrontano-a-connessioni-2023/