On 16th June 1988, the European Union, with the Council Decision 88/348/EEC decided to adopt an action programme for the promotion of youth exchanges in the Community called “Youth for Europe”. 29 years later, after the successful implementation of 3 Edition of the programme, and the following “Youth”, “Youth in Action” and the current “Erasmus +” programmes, decided to celebrate the opportunity thanks to which thousands of youngsters and youth workers all over the world managed to travel, volunteer, and get education and training. 

2020 is not  a year like the others. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of life all around the globe, with societies attempting to deal with the consequences of such a major disruption.  

Young people have been particularly affected by the crisis, facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty, anxiety and stress. They are often cut off from their formal and non-formal education opportunities and even deprived of their access to public spaces where they can socialise, learn and have fun.

From the beginning of the pandemic until today, on the European Youth Mobility Day, the planned youth projects have been either postponed to an undefined date or cancelled altogether in 2020. 

The youth mobility was drastically reduced all over Europe and this has had an impact  on the work of youth organisations dealing with different programmes.

Although the pandemic limited physical mobility to a very large extent, youth work and youth organisations, through the use of digital and online technologies, showed to be  resilient and in a constant search for adaptation and survival.   

European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects were also affected severely, with most of them being cancelled and the volunteers returning home. But there were many, who despite the situation wanted to do mobilities. 

The celebrations of European Youth Mobility Day 2020 are going to be different from the other years but it is important more than ever to talk about the impact and the importance that European mobilities have in the young generations.

Hoping that soon we will be able to be back to the good old days.

Let’s celebrate it together!