Welcome to the Digital Library! Here is where TDM 2000 International has collected and updated useful information and research materials about different topics connected with youth work and all the values and knowledge we aim to transmit and spread. All this interesting material is addressed to young people, youth workers and to all curious people who want take a look. Enjoy the reading!


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  • The millennium development goals report 2014
    This report is based on a master set of data that has been compiled by an Inter-Agency and Expert Group    Read More
  • Reflections based on ideas from Intercultural Competence Round Table
    The Round Table held in Rome from 24 to 29 of 2009, was conceived with high expectations and many different    Read More
  • SALTO Youth Intercultural Competence Research Report
    This research aims at giving validity to the ‘working definition’ created for SALTO Cultural Diversity as well as linking the    Read More
  • Methodology in language learning T-Kit
    This T-Kit presents a methodology for learning language and developing communicative ability in a target language.
  • The sky is the limit: An interactive guide for youth projects on Interfaith Dialogue
    The Sky Is the Limit is an interactive guide for the creation of youth projects on interfaith dialogue.
  • Bringing both sides together… Let's meet three cultures
    This report, through a very ambitious title,  shares with you all the experiences lived at a training course that aimed    Read More
  • Faith, religion and dialogue. Educational report
    This report is aimed at Youth Workers, Trainers, Youth Leaders and anyone else with active interest in issues related to    Read More
  • Intercultural learning. T-Kit No.4
    This T-Kit is a companion volume to the publications coming out of the “all different – all equal” campaign, in    Read More
  • Value the difference. Resource pack
    This pack is designed to explore the topic of cultural diversity and many of the related and complex issues people    Read More
  • All different, all equal. Education pack
    Ideas, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults.
  • International communication resource pack
    This Resource Pack is meant to be a practical toolkit for youth work in the context of intercultural communication. It    Read More
  • Language & culture on trial: Effective and sensitive communication
    Booklet about case studies and experiences taken from European youth leaders on the topic of intercultural communication, during the ‘Effective    Read More
  • Village international
    A practical booklet for youth workers about setting up international projects in rural and geographically isolated areas.
  • Social inclusion. T-Kit No. 8
    This T-Kit is a tool for youth workers and trainers, to offer them theoretical and practical tools to work with    Read More
  • Shaping inclusion
    A practical booklet to help National Agencies (Inclusion Officers) approach inclusion in a strategic way.
  • No barriers, no borders
    A practical booklet for setting up international mixed-ability youth projects (including persons with and without disability)
  • Time for inclusion
    Report about the Salto Youth Inclusion Forum held in Antwerpen between 12 and 15th of October, 2006.
  • Inclusion by design
    A practical booklet to help NGO’s approach inclusion in a strategic way.
Showing 401-420 of 488