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  • Non-Formal Toolkit of Digital Social Entrepreneurship - PART B
    The "Non-Formal Toolkit of Digital Social Entrepreneurship - PART B" was prepared under the project "Emakers" funded by the Erasmus+ Program. The    Read More
  • Non-Formal Toolkit of Digital Social Entrepreneurship - PART A
    The "Non-Formal Toolkit of Digital Social Entrepreneurship - PART A" was prepared under the project "Emakers" funded by the Erasmus+    Read More
  • Research on youth policy
     This research contains an overview of the youth policy and youth participation in 8 countries in Europe.  Italy, Serbia, Estonia, Turkey, Cyprus,    Read More
  • Results and Recommendation from local events
    This publication is designed to provide guidelines to youth NGOs who organise events stimulating cross-sectorial cooperation based on the experience    Read More
  • Cooperation Between Youth NGOs
    The research on "Models of Cooperation between Youth NGOs & Policy Makers"  aims to create a collection of existing cooperation between youth NGOs    Read More
  • Tools strategies on participation
    This Manual contains a collection of tools and strategies for stimulating youth participation and youth activation and cooperation between policy    Read More
  • Collection of Best Practicies
    This research contains a collection of best practices in green and sustainable sports and outdoor activities. The activities analyzed refer to    Read More
  • Youth Waves
    This manual was produced under the project "Youth Waves Surfers: Multiplier effect for Youth Clubs," small scale partnership Erasmus Plus    Read More
  • EurVoice manual
    The partners of the "EurVoice" project have prepared a series of educational workshops that can be used in youth work,    Read More
  • Unveiling competence gaps: A comparative analysis in the cultural sector for talent transformation
    Here you’ll find the results of the desk research on which both the Manual and the Talent    Read More
  • Talent Self-Assessment Tool
    This innovative tool is designed to help young artists and creatives explore and enhance their unique talents and soft skills.    Read More
  • Empowering creative Youth: A comprehensive manual for talent transformation and competence development in the cultural sector
    Discover our Manual, an invaluable resource for young artists and creatives. Dive into 4 modules covering talent, personal, entrepreneurial, and    Read More
    This manual is an educational and informational tool created as a part of the Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for    Read More
  • TDM 2000 International| Environmental Sustainability Plan
    The Environmental Sustainability Plan of the network details all the established environmental practices that the organization used in different areas    Read More
  • Thumb The rise in cRISEs_Toolkit
    “The rise in cRISEs" survival Toolkit is the main result of the seminar with the same title, which aimed to    Read More
  • YouPlay - YOUth PLAYful engagement Research on youth participation
    The research on the situation of youth participation realized in the frame of the project "YouPlay- YOUth PLAYful engagement" funded    Read More
  • Environmental sustainability in football: Modules for Managers & Sport Clubs
    The manual wants to be an answer to the challenges identified in the project in order to offer managers the    Read More
  • Health and Fitness Assessment for Seniors Manual for fitness professionals
    This module covers non-formal education of sports for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) on conducting recreational sports and    Read More
  • Recommendations for implementing HEPA for seniors
    This publication is a Research and analysis of the implementation of the current HEPA for seniors guidelines in Portugal, Serbia,    Read More
  • Fueling Innovation in Non-Formal Education
    Manual on game-based learning, gamification & good practices in youth work. The Manual was developed under the framework of the project    Read More
Showing 21-40 of 522