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  • Thumb The rise in cRISEs_Toolkit
    “The rise in cRISEs" survival Toolkit is the main result of the seminar with the same title, which aimed to    Read More
  • YouPlay - YOUth PLAYful engagement Research on youth participation
    The research on the situation of youth participation realized in the frame of the project "YouPlay- YOUth PLAYful engagement" funded    Read More
  • Environmental sustainability in football: Modules for Managers & Sport Clubs
    The manual wants to be an answer to the challenges identified in the project in order to offer managers the    Read More
  • Health and Fitness Assessment for Seniors Manual for fitness professionals
    This module covers non-formal education of sports for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) on conducting recreational sports and    Read More
  • Recommendations for implementing HEPA for seniors
    This publication is a Research and analysis of the implementation of the current HEPA for seniors guidelines in Portugal, Serbia,    Read More
  • Fueling Innovation in Non-Formal Education
    Manual on game-based learning, gamification & good practices in youth work. The Manual was developed under the framework of the project    Read More
  • ESTEEM: Women entrepreneurship- Literature Review
    The report’s primary goal is to provide new and established women entrepreneurs with tools and information on the state of    Read More
  • Synthesis Report on Social entrepreneurship and other models to secure employment
    Synthesis Report on Social entrepreneurship and other models to secure employment for those most in need, is on two complementary    Read More
  • A Guide on how to Measure the Impact of the Projects
    A Practical Guide to Measuring and Manage the Impact of the Projects
  • EntreComp-Play Book
    Entrepreneurial learning beyond the classroom
  • EntreComp A Practical Guide
    EntreComp: a practical guide, easing the access to entrepreneurship. Here you can find the version in other EU languages.    Read More
    A guide for girls and young women to start their own advocacy campaign
  • Engaging in Lobbying– Positioning Youth Work
    Engaging in Lobbying – Positioning Youth Work
  • SPORTIVE_Manual on how to use sport as a tool for educatin youngsters
    Manuale_Sport come strumento per l'inclusione e l'educazione ai valori    Read More
  • ESTEEM Project_Research study on how psychosocial factors affect entrepreneurship
    Research study on how the psychological codes and cognitive aspects of a business leader are influenced by the gender, realized    Read More
  • Thumb The individuating new policies and strategies for the validation and recognition of Non Formal Learning
    This publication contains a report about new strategies and policies identified in Lithuania and related to Non Formal Learning.    Read More
Showing 1-20 of 488