The first one is a training course under Action 4.3 with the title “Magnifier: Raising the Debate on Minority Issues!”. It aims to encourage a discussion about how minority issues are approached and treated in Europe, and particularly in Cyprus. This training course aims to encourage inter-ethnic and intercultural cooperation throughout joint action for social intervention.The goal is to cultivate a can-do attitude amongstyouth leaders that may motivate them to successfully use the tools and competences developed during this project to promote inclusion of national, ethic, religious and linguistic minorities in their communities.

The course will be held in Larnaca, Cyprus and host 36 young people representing 10 European countries. The duration of the training course is one week and participants will be encouraged to get actively involved, sharing their opinions, cooperating and learning from each other. The ultimate aim of the course is to generate ideas for future initiatives.

The second training course under Action 3.1 is called “Coexist in Europe”. It aims to encourage interfaith dialogue among young people, bringing together representatives from different countries and religious communities. The course will be hosted in Bar, Montenegro, a renowned and long-lasting melting pot of different confessions and nations. A maximum of 35 participants can take part in “Coexist in Europe”, which will take place in the spring of 2013.

The third project, “Amplifier: Share, Evaluate and Design the Future!”, is a trans-national youth seminar under Action 5.1. Itaims at mainstreaming the interests and recommendations of young people, incorporating them into policies and institutional initiatives. This seminar will take place in Cagliari, Italy, in June 2013 and will bring together 48 people from Italy, Turkey, Malta, Estonia, Cyprus, Portugal and Poland.

The fourth application is a project under action 4.3 regarding youth workers’ mobility called “Butterfly Effect: Sharing Knowledge in International Youth Work”. The aim is to develop youth workers different professional and personal competences by providing them with international work experience in a host organisation. It was clear that Eva-Maria Elkemann was the ideal youth worker for this project.