On the 27th of July the conference “Un ponte tra la Sardegna e l’Asia” will be held by TDM 2000 International, to present and discuss the first results of the international capacity building project “Euroasi, from Europe to Asia: capitalizing experience in youth work”, at the University of Cagliari (Italy). The project is funded under the KA 2 of the Erasmus+ programme and involves 6 countries, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Portugal, with the aim of sharing good practices in the field of youth from Europe to the Partner Countries involved. Southeast Asia experts and civil society representatives will discuss together the importance of Euroasi, and how it can bring innovation in the youth field in the Countries involved. The conference guests are: European MP Salvatore Cicu, Angelica Perra, President of TDM 2000 International; Luca Frongia, President of the Association TDM 2000, Misia Coghlan, , Project Advisor at the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission (EACEA); Marco Sechi, Member of Service for International and Community Affairs of the Sardinian Regional Government; Anna Maria Baldussi, Professor of History and Institutions of Asia in the University of Cagliari; Aldo Dessi, Head of Co.Co.Is, regional coordination of organizations involved in International Cooperation; Mauro Carta, President of the ACLI of the Province of Cagliari. The conference takes place at 4.00 PM in the Hall “Lai” of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Policies of Cagliari (Italy), and is open to anyone interested in knowing more about Euroasi and its first results.