We are very pleased to announce a new collaboration under the project Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for Environmental Awareness and Lifestyle based on training and exchange of best practices in green sports and outdoor activities. Launch of the project and preparation of working procedures, training, and exchange, at the kick-off meeting hosted in Cagliari in July.


The project is an 18-month educational pathway, and it is based on the exchange of best practices on the impact of green sports and outdoor activities. Through its activities, both local and international, the project intends enable youth workers, organizations, and young people, to develop a limited set of measures, actions and initiatives associated with green practice sports and outdoor activities.


During the kick-off meeting we discussed the management of the project, shared roles, and responsibilities, and laid the foundation for cooperation and collaboration in view of the activities to be carried out on the ground and the outputs to be produced.


The project is coordinated by the applicant, Active Zone Outdoor, based in Cyprus. We are participating as a partner with the co-participation of the following NGOs: CXJV Conexão Jovem Associação from Portugal and Asociatia Scout Society from Romania.