Youth Fit For 55: Youth engagement and education for realizing the Green deal on the “fit for 55” wave
The “Impact Chain – Youth-Fit-For-55″ project aims to raise awareness and understanding of the green transition and its values among the youth sector, and to develop the skills and capacities of youth educators, youth-serving organizations, and stakeholders to actively promote and drive the green transition in Europe.

The project is being led by the Romanian organization IDEI, in collaboration with Research Factory (from Romania), Euei (Denmark), LABA (France), MOMENTUM (Ireland), and TDM 2000 International (Italy).

“Youth-Fit-For-55” has four main objectives:

1. Raising awareness and understanding of the green transition among the youth sector and local communities, and start a constructive dialogue with them.
2. Developing the critical skills of youth educators for engaging with and shaping the green transition.
3. Developing the organizational capacities of youth-serving organizations for engaging with, inspiring, and driving the green transition, and innovating for the green transition.
4. Ensuring the sustainability and proper diffusion of the project and its results through an open-access web platform.

To achieve these objectives, the project employs a variety of activities such as an awareness campaign, the development of a toolkit for youth educators, a blueprint for youth-serving organizations, and a platform for youth-serving organizations and stakeholders.

The activities include teaching and learning resources for target groups, the exchange of good practices, and increasing networking opportunities for youth organizations and other stakeholders linked to the sectors related to the scope of the Project.

In the long term, the project seeks to have a lasting impact on the youth sector by ingraining green values and principles, resulting in a behavioral change in their mindsets and actions. This will lead to actively promoting and driving the green transition, and further engagement of stakeholders thus contributing to the overall sustainability of society. Additionally, the skills and capacities developed by youth educators and youth organizations will continue to be integrated into their workflows and strategies, resulting in more effective and creative teaching and inspiring young people and youth organizations to develop their projects and strategies with a focus on the green transition.

The open-access web platform will continue running to be a valuable resource for youth organizations and stakeholders, providing access to teaching and learning resources and networking opportunities, and increasing the quality of their work and deliverables in addressing the challenges and needs of their target group in the context of the green transition.

It started on November 2022 and will last for 30 months.

Start Date: 01/11/2022
End Date: 01/05/2025
Action: Key Action 2
Activity: Cooperation partnership
Website: Visit Website

Partner Associations:



European E- learning Institute (Denmark)

le LABA (France)

S.C. Research Factory (Romania)