Project Description

With “Youth and Democracy for Active Participation” we equipped 30 youth workers and leaders coming from 10 different programme countries with tools useful to encourage active participation of young people, especially in the democratic processes of their local communities, countries, and Europe.

The project was set as a training course with 7 activity days, designed for those active in working with young people, and it took place in Nitra, Slovakia. As explained within the Council of Europes charter for Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship, and following the recommendations of the European Union, we believed in the need of an effective strategy for young people to learn and experience more about these topics, therefore we built this TC to improve the work of non formal education in the field of education for democracy and active participation. The methods used during the course were various, such as debates, round tables, simulation, presentations, creative workshops, brainstorming, and were completed by the adding of some theoretical inputs.

Testimonials of participants:
“Thank you very much for your beautiful project! A week really to remember!” – King Blanka Madocsai, Hungary