The project is inspired by a reflection on the lack, both at regional and national level, of efficient instruments addressed to promote the dissemination of civil values ​​among young people, with the aim of fostering their ability to recognize, understand and accept the rules of civil life, stimulating them to avoid risky behaviour. Through the planned activities and with the help of experienced and qualified professionals, the project aims to provide young people with valid tools to understand dimensions, dynamics, causes and consequences of some significant specific issues that threaten the integrity and full participation of young people in the society:

– Addiction to gambling, alcohol and drugs;

– Illegality and corruption;

– Discrimination and racism;

– Violence; shortcomings of a system that should guarantee equal gender opportunities.

The project intends to approach the issues on which it will focus using sport (its concept, the related issues, the connected values ​​and the positive consequences given by a healthy sport practice) as a starting point for the introduction of the theme, then expanding the discussion on similar dynamics in everyday life. In a second phase of the same action, through the analysis and presentation of initiatives, projects and actions already carried out at regional, national and international level, the beneficiaries will be provided with a list of replicable good practices that use sport as a tool to combat the problems taken as the main topics of the sessions.

The target of the project is made up of young people in the age group of 14-21 who will take part in both a cycle of 7 frontal  lectures, and to 7 laboratories: in this context the three groups of beneficiaries will be created taking into consideration the age of the participants;

The structure of the project will guarantee the young beneficiaries to acquire knowledge in reference to the specific topics treated, through theoretical notions, description of the peculiar characteristics and presentation of a range of successful best practices already implemented at local, national and international level. All planned actions will tend to achieve the following specific objectives:

– To make young people aware of the harmful consequences of any addiction, focusing attention on causes and consequences of gambling and drug addiction, promoting a healthy lifestyle at the same time;

– To encourage young people to adopt behaviours that deviate from illegality and corruption by acquiring awareness of the importance of legality and its promotion through concrete acts;

– To promote the sensitivity of young people by encouraging behaviours that lead to a more society inclusive and respectful of diversity, fighting against discrimination and racism;

– To make young people aware of the psychological and material damage caused by the phenomena of violence and bullying, promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence within youth groups;

– To emphasize the importance of developing a society in which equal rights and opportunities are recognized all the subjects that compose it, with a particular focus on the value of gender equality;

– To Provide young people with a wide range of replicable good practices, highlighting how sport can be understood as the bearer of sound principles and values, also representing a valid educational tool to effectively combat all the issues examined;

– To stimulate the critical thinking of young people, promoting an optimistic vision of the future and making them aware of the importance of each of their actions in everyday life.

Start Date: 11/01/2019
End Date: 10/10/2019
Venue: Cagliari
Partner Associations:

School ''ITC Giua'' – Cagliari