“Raise a problem get an answer” is a Y&D project that will last 17 months and is implemented in 4 countries with the participation of 8 youth organizations working in the field of active participation of youth. The project is creating a platform for the exchange of good ideas about activities that youth can undertake to start a real change in the society in which they live becoming in this way the agent of the change that they want to see in their community.The project also involves the policy makers in the process of empowering youth with their role of active agents for the development. Through a series of activities organized at local and international level the project involves over 1000 youngsters directly and many more with its effects.
“Raise a problem, get an answer!” foresees also a visit to the Commissions of the European Parliament to present the platform and to submit to their attention some operative proposals to intervene and give answers to some “problems” of the society.
Structure of the project
The project is divided into 3 phases, each one of them includes some sub-actions
During this phase the partners were involved in setting the details of the work plan, dividing tasks, creating an image for the project and the visibility campaign.
There was a kick off meeting in Italy and one kick off press conference will be in each country partner of the project.
The sub-actions of this phase are:
– Set up of the platform (which includes the establishment of the final structure of the platform, the collection and selection of the contents and materials). This sub-action foresees the organization of 4 workshops at local level and a series of activities that will be implemented by each partner.
– Mid-term evaluation
– Start – up and animation of the platform
– Preparation of the follow – up plan
– Selection of some action proposals to be submitted to the Commissioners of the European Parliament
– Visit to the Commissions in Brussels
Final evaluation

Start Date: 2013-09-02
End Date: 2015-02-02
Action: 1.3
Activity: Youth Democracy
Venue: Estonia, Italy, Romania and Lithuania
Partner Associations:

Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)
ADAMOS (Romania)
Do Great Things Association (D. G. T.) (Romania)
Association “MEMOVE" (Lithuania)
Nacionalinis Socialinės Integracijos Institutas (Lithuania)
TDM 2000 Eesti (Estonia)
Urban Style (Estonia)