Project Description

This youth exchange brought together 40 motivated youngsters from eight countries in order to discuss and promote the role that media can have amongst young people in the context of voluntarism and social inclusion. Participants met for one week in Lithuania to discuss social exclusion in their home countries, defining who is excluded in their communities, how and why.

The different stories of exclusion acted as an inspiration for the realisation of videos, showing how the media industry can influence the mind of young people, both in a negative (i.e. contributing in the creation of prejudices) and a positive way (i.e. promoting how volunteering can help the building of an equal society). The videos realised by different groups of youngsters were shown in a final public projection, and included in a DVD for further dissemination of results.

The APV of the project took place from 7th – 9th September 2012 in Kaunas, Lithuania.
The Youth Exchange itself was held from 7th – 14th October in Kaunas, Lithuania.