Promoting Employability, Retraining, Social Skills for NEETS” (acronym: PERSON) is a KA2 project under the Erasmus + Programme, that will last for 27 months and involves eight partners from six different countries: Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The highest aim is to promote employability, retraining and the social skills of NEETs and inactive young individuals to meet sustainable and qualified labour force and improve the competitiveness of Turkey and Europe. The Project will provide innovative training curriculum and methodologies to meet the needs for young individuals not only in the work life but also in their social life. Therefore, threefold objectives are focused. First is the need to understand young individuals in detail during their transitions from being NEETs or inactive to work. The others are, the need for a data collection and sharing tool/platform, an education plan for attracting and retraining more inactive young individuals and the need to bridge in communication and joint work that often exists between universities, staff, senior management and students in internationalization efforts and activities. There are seven foreseen intellectual outputs:

O1 Sate of the Art and Panacea for NEETs;

O2 Training Module for Technological Illiterates and MOOC Design;

O3 Training Module for Technological Literates and MOOC Design;

O4 Training Module for Advanced Technology Users and MOOC Design,

O5 Pilot Training;

O6 A Comprehensive Guidebook of PERSON;

O7 Set-up MOOC Design.

All partners will take active responsibility for the development of the mentioned outputs.

Start Date: 02/10/2017
End Date: 01/01/2020
Action: KA2
Activity: Strategic Partnerships for youth
Venue: Turkey – Italy – Spain – Netherlands – Greece – United Kingdom
Partner Associations:

Altinbas Universitesi – Turkey (Applicant)

TDM 2000 International – Italy

Istanbul Chemicals and  Chemical Products Exporters’ Association – Turkey

Istanbul Valiligi – Turkey

Media Creativa 2020, S.L. –  Spain

Drawing To Health – Netherlands

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – Greece

Opportunity Global – United Kingdom