It continues also for the year 2024, the support of the Civil Society Cooperation via operating grants to our network TDM 2000 International.

Primarily, this is enabling us to continue working with youngsters and bring them closer to European values and relevant issues for society. For that reason, contributing to the development of youth work is one of our missions, which we are doing with training courses, exchanges and other events that include workshops and lessons on different topics such as climate change, sustainability, soft skills for today’s market, and active participation. With the support we are receiving throughout this grant, we want to continue boosting the field of youth work and its growth with innovative approaches and tools to make more steps towards youth empowerment.

This year, the promotion of European values focusing on the European Elections that will take place in June is another one of the topics we will be addressing through our activities.

The approval of this project will facilitate actions that make the network stronger and more competent in the field of youth work as well, as capacity-building events are foreseen for all our members since TDM 2000 International has members in different countries in Europe.

Fostering cooperation among youth, institutions, businesses and other NGOs/ENGOs is another goal of our road map, sustained by the Operating Grant, to contribute to the cooperation to build a brighter future for the different bodies involved with youth. Hence, we involve researchers, professors, and different professionals in our events with local, national, and international youngsters.

TDM 2000 International aims to provide creative means and non-formal education methods to the field, which is why we are developing projects that include outputs such as apps and manuals that include these results and professionals who always seek to contribute with added value in all the steps, starting by the research. 

Start Date: 01/01/2023
End Date: 31/12/2023
Action: Civil Society Cooperation Youth – European ENGOs and EU-wide Informal Networks
Activity: Operating Grant 2023
Venue: Italy – members of the network
Partner Associations: