Project Description

“On the move: the challenges of young migrants” held in Bansko from 17th to 25th February and implemented by TDM 2000 International, motivated youth workers and youth leaders active in the third sector from 9 different European countries went to meet eachother and discuss. It created a non-formal space for exploring and discussing issues connected with Migration and analyzing the diverse manners how the related subjects are treated in our countries and in the European space in general. We found this topic to be extremely connected to the host country, a historical crossroad for various civilizations and that still today displays strong migration flows both inwards and outwards. During the TC we created an environment where youngsters could discover, reflect and debate about topics such as immigration, the status of refugees, anti-discrimination and integration policies. We explored the features of the European call for a common approach to migration and strive to discover what can and shall be done in order raise awareness for the importance of the conflict-ridden topic of Migration and to promote effective integration policies to allow immigrants to participate fully in the life of their host countries. Afterwards, thanks to the choice over non-formal education methods, we actively involved the participants in the diverse working moments, sharing opinions, cooperating amongst themselves, learning from each other and ultimately conceiving project ideas together. Hence, we generated an experience of great personal and professional growth with significant development of skills and competences that promote and facilitate the preparation and realization of projects and activities about Migration – at international or local level – by providing examples of the tools as well as the methods which may be used for the development of such projects.

During the TC youth workers and youth leaders active in the third sector from 10 different European countries had the great chance to explore, share and discuss several issues regarding migrations and their implications in Europe. Participants were involved in different kind of activities such as role plays and simulations. EU parliament simulation has allowed participants to play the role of MEPs from different political groups, discussing about the 2011 case of Lampedusa and about foreign policies that EU should decide to implement. “Can I Come in” was one of the most emotionally touching activities during the TCP. Through this role- participants developed knowledge and understanding about refugees and their rights, playing different roles such as a group of refugees trying to escape to another country, immigration officers and UNHCR observers. The TC has raised a great involvement among participants allowing them, through non-formal education methods, to cooperate among themselves, to learn from each other and to conceive project ideas together.


“I´ m thinking about what to say…. So many experiences, so many impressions, so many people I will really miss. This is the way how I´ll try to describe the training course in Bansko. It was a week full of interesting activities and also a week of endless fun. We were discovering crucial issues connected with migration, we also tried to feel ourselves as being ones of them. We were sharing our ideas, knowledge, views and opinions. Believe me, this time sharing was not scaring. We were part of our different and at the same time similar cultures. We went through couple of simulations that were really real, we got the chance to sit in the European Court of Justice, but also in the European Parliament or at the border being the border control officers or refugees. This experience made me realize that the processes and some situations can be sometimes very difficult to deal with, they can be also challenging. I realized as well that I really do not want to be a politician. On the other hand I want to be now more active, to come up with activities in my community, to be a part of the network, to travel a lot and to know more amazing people as you were. Now I really want to do something meaningful in the next future. This week was really intense, it made me think and it turned on some new lights inside me. Thank you guys for everything and I hope to see you again very soon! Lots of kisses and hugs!”

[Lenka Kissova, Slovakia]

“I must confess it was a last minute decision to go to Bansko to this TC, but it was a great decision. The Training was very well organized by all the TDM 2000 International team and the group was amazing and very interested. For sure I learned a lot and also made friends for life.”
[Carlos Ferreira, Portugal]