In the framework of the National Civil Service, TDM 2000 International is carrying out the project “VALUES: Valori e Attitudini per la Libertà, Uguaglianza, Educazione e Sport” (Values and Attitudes for Freedom, Equality and Sport). The main aim of the project is to develop in the Sardinian youth and in the people involved in their growth the awareness about the values of sport and the effect that sport can have on the principles and on the personal growth of the individuals.

Four volunteers are involved in the project and the activities they will develop are aimed to reach the following main objectives:

  • Encourage positive behaviours connected to equality, fair play and fight against racism and social exclusion;
  • Research and analyse the points of view of young people, adults, teachers, sport trainers and other stakeholders involved in the process of growth of the young people about sport and the values connected to it;
  • Research and develop tools, manuals and training opportunities connected to the use of sport as a mean of development of knowledge, abilities and positive behaviours;
  • Implement activities aimed to raise awareness about sport values and the positive impact that sport has on society, as well as lower the number of sedentary people;
  • Promote sport and its values through the implementation of an awareness campaign;
  • Underline the role of international mobility and European projects connected to sport in the personal growth of the young Sardinians.


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End Date: 9/12/2019
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