Project Description

An abiding subject in Europe and, particularly, in Cyprus has to do with the way how Minority issues are approached and treated. Indeed, throughout the EU, far-right xenophobic groups have been gaining strength and visibility. We, in TDM 2000 International, realize that this matter is on the front burner nowadays and therefore we acknowledge the need to create and provide opportunities for youth to discover, reflect and debate together and thus fight against the exclusion of marginalized Minority groups in our societies.

Hence, the Training Course “Magnifier: Raising the debate on Minority issues!” aimed to encourage inter-ethnic and intercultural cooperation through joint action for social intervention, cultivating among youth leaders a can-do attitude that may motivate them to successfully use the tools and competences developed during this project to promote inclusion of national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in their communities.

The city of Larnaca in Cyprus hosted the 35 young people representing 10 European countries, for a week of non-formal education, during which we actively involved the participants in the diverse working moments, interacting with local NGOs, analyzing information from the media, developing advocacy and campaigning initiatives, sharing opinions, cooperating, learning from each other and, ultimately, conceiving ideas for future initiatives.