The course took place in Albania, Durres, from the 16th to 26th May 2011. The goal was to increase the organisation’s management capacity in projects between EU and SEE countries by offering the participants advanced tools and new contacts, thus effectively also increasing the cooperation between youth organisations in these countries. The course taught participants the tools and competences needed to manage youth projects. There was a crucial need for the training course as our research had shown that, while there were a lot of great ideas for youth projects, goals were not reached due to a lack of knowledge on how to successfully manage such projects.

During the course we focused on the Youth in Action projects but the basic “rules” are applicable to every kind of project. The competences that the participants have acquired can be used in their daily life and work, especially in a period in which unemployment has reached incredibly high numbers.

On completion of the project participants received the youth pass. During the course all steps of successful project planning and implementation were analysed and thought. A session on financial management was also included, which we realised was crucial as there was a particular lack of knowledge regarding this aspect. Non-formal education tools were used, examining best practise project management examples and undertaking simulation and role-plays. The mix of cultures presented by the participants also facilitated intercultural dialogue, learning and understanding.

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