Encouraging active citizenship and participation via empowerment of young EU citizens (EURvoice) is an ambitious 22-month project set to improve the skills of youth workers and youth organisations staff to encourage civic engagement, responsibility and participation among young people. Early participation in decision- to their development into active citizens aware of their rights and duties and capable of exercising them responsibly. In role as practice spaces where young people can acquire knowledge and experiences of citizenship in a learning-by-doing way.

The EURvoice project aims to increase the awareness of young EU citizens regarding active citizenship and civic social activities in their local communities. The project objectives could be summarized as follows:

– Reduce barriers which hinder young citizens in active participation in local governance, EU democratic and electoral processes, voting both at the local, regional and national levels; dis-enfranchisement and causes exclusion of youths with fewer opportunities and social obstacles;

– Promote young people’s active citizenship and social responsibility in their local communities via the EURvoice online hub with integrated virtual classroom;

– Foster mutual understanding between young people in different communities through inclusivity, constructive stereotyping, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, conflict situations among participants and citizens of their respective open-educational materials and videos;

– Encourage youth participation and advocacy via practical application of digital youth work strategies, summarised as EURvoice interactive toolkit.

– Raise awareness of active citizenship and civic responsibility within the youth work sector and to policy makers and funders nationally and EU wide.

The target groups for the project are:

– Young people – the project will promote civic engagement and responsibility among young people who can benefit from its advantages via the planned multiplier events to showcase innovative practice and launch the elaborated project outputs – EURvoice online hub, virtual classroom, open-educational materials and videos.

– Youth workers – as they are expected to lead, inspire and deliver digital youth work, most activities are aimed at training innovative approaches based on open education and innovative practices – the EURvoice online hub, open-educational materials, and interactive toolkit.

– Youth organisations staff – the project will increase the awareness of this target group of ethical and organisational advocacy, as well as provide best practices for practical application of digital youth work, summarized and shared as EURvoice interactive toolkit.

The project necessitates a joint international effort since it addresses a transnational issue, related to participation, civic original perspective and approach to challenges described, which will enrich the overall understanding of the matter at hand and build solid solutions.

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Start Date: 01/10/20
End Date: 31/03/22
Action: Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth
Activity: Erasmus +
Venue: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy
Partner Associations:




– Europsky Dialog (Slovakia)



– TDM 2000 International (Italy)