Together Towards Democracy: Connecting Europe and Sardinia through European Values- EU4Sardinia

The Awareness of the functioning mechanism of the European Parliament is too often very distant, miss understood, or even missing in many areas of the Union. therefore the activities will take place in the Region of Sardinia (one of the poorest regions in Europe) and more specifically in the Sarcidano area (rural).  Our aim is to support and empower a greater and more widespread democratic involvement of Sardinian citizens based on the knowledge of the role of the European Parliament (EP), its role in European democracy, the achievements of the EU (“delivery”), and the importance of civic engagement. All with direct and verifiable effects on the elections of 2024.

The general objectives of our project are:

To contribute to the public awareness of the European Parliament’s role in our society in delivering democracy and bringing it closer to the citizens;

To inform citizens, especially youngsters on the importance of democratic engagement in the EU and enabling them to become change-makers;

To promote the culture of democratic participation and engagement between youngsters and organizations.

More specifically we aim to:

– To build capacity and closely engage with other civil society organizations and active citizens in Sardinia, especially in Cagliari and the Sarcidano area;

– To raise awareness of citizens, especially youngsters about the benefits brought by European parliamentary democracy, the powers the EP has to affect our daily lives, and why it is therefore important to vote in the EE24;

– To share and provide information and tools to effectively spread the message in favor of democratic participation in light of the forthcoming EE24.EU Grants;

– Bring together the EU and Sardinians by increasing the number of citizens joining together.EU community.

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Start Date: 01/09/2023
End Date: 31/06/2024
Action: Civil society engagement actions- European Parliament
Venue: Italy
Partner Associations: