Creative reading and writing: exchange of teaching strategies in adult education” is a 17 months long Erasmus+ strategic partnership for adult education that includes five partners from Poland, France, Estonia, Italy and Cyprus.

The project is designed to promote media literacy, adult education and the exchange of experiences and practices between organizations involved in adult education. It aims to support the improvement of the level of competences of adult educators that work with learners with fewer opportunities. The educators will be able to acquire abilities applicable to a wide variety of issues in the field of media literacy, to increase their knowledge of ICT tools and to improve their competences in planning and running media literacy workshops.

The participants will be adult learners, NEETs and people with fewer opportunities who have difficulties to understand media texts and to express themselves in mainstream channels and especially in social medias. The target group’s self-confidence and lifestyle will be improved, thanks to the Reading and writing competencies which will also support their involvement in the social life and motivate them for future learning.

This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project aims to:

  • collect existing best practices in partners’ organisations, countries, in Europe and in the world;
  • test and edit existing and new tools during project trainings on local and international levels;
  • multiply education tools during the local activities in partners countries;
  • to train on local level adult learners, to give them opportunity to be heard and more visible.

Start Date: 01/09/2017
End Date: 31/01/2019
Partner Associations:

Coordinator: Stowarzyszenie Vesuvio – Poland


Estonia: Mittetulundusühing Eurika

France: Mitra France

Italy: TDM 2000 Interntional

Cyprus: Dorea Educational Institue WTF