“Europe faces a number of challenges that can only be met if it has innovative, well-educated, and entrepreneurial citizens who, whatever their walk of life, have the spirit and inquisitiveness to think in new ways, and the courage to meet and adapt to the challenges facing them.” (European Commission).

During the PBA “Creative Construction: (G8) way 2 Entrepreneurship”, 34 youth leaders and youth workers from 16 youth organizations from 8 different countries had the great chance to explore, share and discuss several obstacles and possibilities concerning youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. Participants were involved in different kind of activities such as brainstorming, presentations and role plays. They presented obstacles and best practices of their own countries through different methods, furthermore, they played some roles to show the barriers for the Young entrepreneurs. Through those activities participants developed knowledge and understanding about European Policies and Strategies for the promotion of Entrepreneurship. The activity “Go Create: New Tools, New Projects – Group Work” a brainstorming where participants have developed really interesting projects and probably some of these projects will be presented on the next rounds of YiA. The PBA has raised a great involvement among participants allowing them, through non-formal education methods, to create and to strengthen cooperation between the youth organizations involved, to learn from each other and to conceive project ideas together.

“As soon as I met the organizers, participants, I knew we will have a great, productive project, even if for some participants was their first Youth in Action project . I hadn’t really known what to expect but they were brilliant. It was very strange for me, because the project was organized in my city: Bucharest Everyone was really curious, enthusiastic and just happy to be in this PBA. Each participant impressed through the creativity, intelligence and humor of its work. Through these activities, each participant had the chance to show its own abilities as well as team work skills. We learned that we can cooperate and not just compete. We succeed, because our trainers Ricardo Neves and Antonio Martis teach, help us to understand much better and improve our skills about this topic: ENTREPRENEURSHIP”.

“It was such a great time that I will never forget and I’m sure that nobody will NOT forget. Thank you, TDM 2000 International, all participants and last but, not least Mihai (my colleague during this PBA) and all Romanian Team present in Romanian Evening!”.
[Alexandra Ionescu – Romania]

“It was a huge opportunity for me and Lena to take part in seminar. I do not know how but we are very happy with You. You are very opened-minded and great guys and have great desire to meet You again and to have joint projects”.

[Igor Novitskiy and Elena Kulik – Russia]

Start Date: 2013-03-03
End Date: 2013-03-09
Action: 3.1
Activity: Partnership Building Activity
Venue: Bucharest (Romania)
Partner Associations:

Youth Included (CZ)
Youth Centre (BřeclavCZ)
Children’s Parliament of Macedonia –Veles (FYROM)
Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (FYROM)
ALINHAS? (Portugal)
ConnectART (Portugal)
NGO – SAKURA (Romania)
Center for Interethnic Cooperation (Russia)
ANO CSPS Premier (Russia)
NGO CDIR (Moldova)
TENDO (Moldova)
Ukrainian Youth Centre (Ukraine)
CO DARD (Ukraine)
Asociatia D.G.T. (Romania)
Studenti per la Città (Italy)
Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)