Blend-In: Intercultural Management and Communication for Youth Organisations”, is a project, lasting eighteen months, realized within the field of Erasmus+ programme, specifically under the Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership for Youths.

The aim of the project is to provide youth workers with the opportunity to obtain experience and skills on inter-cultural communication, tolerance and  management through a non-formal setting. This process, that takes place both online and offline, is made possibile thanks to the tools developed within the project itself: an online simulation platform and an handbook that gathers good practices from different European countries.

The target of the project are youth workers, both those who already matured a thorough experience on the field of non formal education, as well as those who are at the start of their training process. Participants will be involved in activities aimed at improving their understanding on the theme and share with others their good practices and insights.

Moreover, in the activities will be involved professionals linked to the world of E-learning and game-based learning. The partners of the project are entities and organisations involved in formal and non formal education, international youth NGOs and youth centers, chosen from 6 EU countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia). Every partner worked on the implementation of the international activities and on the creation of the tools (online platform and handbook).

Start Date: 01/02/2018
End Date: 31/07/2019
Action: KA2
Activity: Strategic Partnership for Youths
Venue: Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Partner Associations:

University of Peloponnese – Greece

PriME Academy AG – Germany

Law and Internet Foundation – Bulgaria

TDM 2000 International – Italy

Akademia Leona Kozminskiego – Poland

Celje Youth Center – Slovenia