Be Beautiful was a youth exchange that did not directly deal with beauty as such. Beauty was discussed as an outcome of living a healthy life, without society’s products that have a negative affect on our bodies and in turn our beauty.

The project dealt with the most important topics that may have an effect on health, such as nutrition, physical activity, alcohol, drugs and tobacco consumption, mental and sexual health. It was also talked about how people that come from less opportunity backgrounds or that have disabilities are affected. Participants were seeking solutions with regards to the involvement of media, education and institutions in promoting and supporting a healthy life style to prevent health problems but also guaranteeing a better access to health care.

Participants have been selected from members of our international network and organisations with which we wanted to increase our partnership. A total of 32 young people and eight youth leaders participated in this non-formal education style course.

The activity took place from 17th to 24th of April 2011, with the preliminary visit being held from26th to 28thof February 2011.

The course was held in Sardinia, Italy.

Start Date: 17/04/2011
End Date: 24/04/2011
Action: 1
Activity: Youth Exchange
Venue: Sardinia, Italy
Partner Associations:

Foundation for Social Initiatives (Poland) TDM 2000 MALTA (Malta) HelvecijaKulturajaertAlapitvany (Hungary) Joetzvzw (Belgium) MOE – The Branch of Baltic and Scandinavian States (Latvia) TDM 2000 (Italy) TDM 2000 (Lithuania) Youth for Future Association (Romania)