Project Description

“Amplifier: share, evaluate and design the future!” was a Trans-National Youth Seminar that aimed at mainstreaming the interests and recommendations of young people. This was accomplished while incorporating them into policies and institutional initiatives, remarkably the new European programme for youth.
The seminar took place after a great deal of preliminary work, including numerous polls, questionnaires, surveys and public consultation developed both online and at local level. The results of the consultations was oriented the structure (and content) of the seminar, launching the main issues to be addressed during the discussions. We involved youth leaders, politicians, experts, decision-makers, administrators in the field of youth and policymakers to share opinions, experiences and best practices connected to youth work and youth policies and evaluate some of the key features of the Youth in Action Programme. Finally, we finished working on publishing a booklet with the guidelines and recommendations for future action in the youth field. To promote them we will keep on launching a concerted cross-border campaign to encourage youth to take action at local and international level and make a difference in the building of what will probably be the most important European programme for young people.
This Seminar took place in Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei, Italy, in October and brought together around 40 people from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia and Romania representing organizations with great experience in the YiA Programme.
Please find the “Amplifier:share, evaluate and design the future” recommendation for youth policies here.