ABCDemocracy is a small-scale partnership within the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Plus programme. This project involves three countries from Spain (Asociación Moviéndote por la Integración y la Participación Ciudadana), Italy (TDM 2000 International) and Cyprus (Citizens in Power) and it aims to enhance the democratic knowledge of young vulnerable people and thus encourage them to play an active role in shaping the society.

Through a variety of activities, the project intends to reach the following specific objectives:
– To enhance the basic democratic knowledge of young vulnerable Europeans and to sensibilize them to the democratic and European values.
– To strengthen young people ́s democratic participation and autonomy and consequently to motivate them to take an active role in the political and decision-making processes.
– To improve the equal access to everyday decisions for all young persons.
– To provide youth-friendly and comprehensive information about democracy and its values.
– To offer interesting, attractive, and inclusive lessons.
– To involve different European countries, sharing experiences, networks, and resources.
– To provide a basic democratic learning packages in form of an online toolkit.

The project priorities are the teaching of common values, civic engagement, and the participation of young people. It also prioritizes inclusion and diversity. The project combines these two priorities by placing the teaching of democratic literacy at the center of the training sessions for vulnerable groups. This connection is achieved by conveying in the training units that democratic literacy means on the one hand the possession of the democratic basics and the ability to actively participate in shaping the society. But also, the incorporation of democratic values such as tolerance and plurality.

The result of the project is an online toolkit which will contain:
1. Video-testimonies with interviews of political actors or activists to motivate and inspire the young people with personal stories and opinions.
2. Podcast series supported by written content about basic democratic knowledge and political.
3. Online Escape Room where basic democratic knowledge as well as tolerant and pluralistic ideas are promoted in an literacy immersive gamified learning experience.

The aim of the online toolkit is to provide multimedia learning packages and it will be designed in a multimedia format so that it is appealing to young people.
Another outcome of the project is a Guide for Youth Workers: an educational and training tool for youth workers who are working with young people with low qualifications or unemployed young people.

Start Date: 01/12/2022
End Date: 01/06/2024
Action: Key Action 2
Venue: Italy, Spain and Cyrprus
Website: Visit Website

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