“We are very happy to announce that a new Youth Exchange called “”Picturing a Volunteer World – From Vision to Video”” has been approved by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The project has received a grant of 20.587,50 euro, coordinated by TDM 2000 International, will be implemented in Lithuania this autumn.
The Youth Exchange will bring together 40 motivated youngsters from 8 countries in order to discuss and promote the role that media can have among young people in the matter of voluntarism and social inclusion. For 7 days, the participants will be together in Lithuania, to present the picture of social exclusion in their countries, defining who is excluded in their communities, how and why. The different stories of exclusion will be the inspiration for the realization of different videos, showing how the media industry can influence the mind of young people, both in a negative way (contributing in the creation of prejudices), and a positive one (promoting how volunteering can help the building of an equal society). The videos realized by different groups of youngsters will be shown in a final public projection and included in a DVD for further dissemination of results.

Our partners are:

HelloEuropa Youth, Cultural and Social Association (Hungary)
Nadácia Krajina Harmónie (Slovakia)
Association Pro Futuro (Latvia)
European Institute Pro Futuro Europae (Poland)
ALINHAS? Associação Desportiva Juvenil (Portugal)
Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)
TDM 2000 Estonia (Estonia)
TDM 2000 Lithuania Trio (Lithuania)”