We are glad to announce that we hosted, together with EuropeDirect Regione Sardegna, the Official Conference for the start of the Local Activities of the project “TRAIN” that we applied through the Erasmus+ programme, specifically under the Key Action 3, and that involves 10 partners from 9 different countries (Italy, Romania, Finland, Malta, Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria).

The event was held the 12th of September in Cagliari, and has involved several guests coming from different backgrounds, from both the youth and institutional world, such as Mr. Pasquale Mascia, Coordinator of the Historic Archives and the Comunal library, and Mr. Antonio Mura, representative of EuropeDirect Regione Sardegna.      

Thanks to this meeting we had the chance to discuss several topics linked to the field of the project, such as the role of the European Institutions, how is it possible to build a bridge between them and youngsters, and the mobility possibilities granted to youths by the European Commission.

Moreover, we presented to a crowd of youths the project in itself, with a focus on its objectives, methodologies and partners, along with the presentation of the future of the project, regarding both local and international activities.

Lastly, we involved youths that took part in the local and international activities of the project, Gaia Piras and Roberto Dessì, that brought their own experiences, answered questions from the public, motivating them to take part in the activities that will follow.

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