TDM 2000 International is one of the European Networks as a beneficiary of the Operating Grant for 2023

TDM 2000 International is happy to announce that it is receiving the support of the European Commission’s Operating Grant for its activity in 2023. The approval of it has already made many steps possible, and we cannot wait for the activities and improvements we want to make in the following months. 


The approval of the Operating Grant will allow us to achieve different objectives by doing multiple actions, such as:

-Capacity-building events

-Contributing to the evolution of youth work

-Promoting European values and active participation among youngsters

-Encouraging cooperation among youth, institutions, businesses and other NGOs/ENGOs

-Developing measures for youth participation and education

YouPlay – Conferences and workshops in Cagliari

During the month of march and april the two Italian partners TDM 2000 International and TDM 2000, members of the consortium of the project “YouPlay – YOUth PLAYful engagement”, organized two cycles of conferences and workshops lasting three days each.

During the events more than 100 people (youngsters, teachers, policy makers and other stakeholders) were involved to discuss about the project topics and propose ideas for the development of the educational game on active participation and SDGs.

Sport, training and education in Larnaca: the international seminar of the Green project

The activities of our project Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for Environmental Awareness and Lifestyle, an European educational project based on the exchange of good practices in green and sustainable sports, continue. After the first international activity, hosted in Cagliari in July 2022, activities were organized in Cyprus where the international seminar was hosted (26 th February, 1 st March 2023).

After a preliminary desk research phase aimed at identifying the impact of green and sustainable sports in the communities involved, the delegates from the associations involved, moved to Cyprus to formalize the research and lay the groundwork for the development of subsequent actions.

YouPlay- first search result

The first deliverable of our project “YouPlay – YOUth PLAYful engagement” is finally completed.

A research on the situation of youth participation has been conducted in the countries involved.
Through questionnaires, desk research and local focus groups each partner collected the information which has been gathered in a publication.

The final result will be published after the graphic design will be completed.

Start of the project “Youth Fit for 55” in France

The “Impact Chain – Youth-Fit-For-55″ project started with the kick-off meeting in Bordeaux on the 19th and the 20th of January.

The project aims to raise awareness and understanding of the green transition and its values among the youth sector, and to develop the skills and capacities of youth educators, youth-serving organizations, and stakeholders to actively promote and drive the green transition in Europe.

The project is being led by the Romanian organization IDEI, in collaboration with Research Factory (from Romania), Euei (Denmark), LABA (France), MOMENTUM (Ireland), and TDM 2000 International (Italy).

“Youth-Fit-For-55” has four main objectives:

1. Raising awareness and understanding of the green transition among the youth sector and local communities, and

Starting the project “Circular Economy Manager for SMEs”

According to the EDGAR-FOOD database published in 2021 by the FAO, the agro-food industry produces about 34% of total emissions. Pollution from this sector is still too high. In 2022, Earth Overshoot Day – the day on which we run out of the resources the earth can naturally offer us in a year – was 28 July. This means that we have run out of resources a full four months before the end
of the year.

This is why we need to reduce the pressure on the environment and optimise the resources we have.
In this sense, the circular economy becomes both a necessity and a new opportunity. The circular economy is the new

How ESTEEM project has been boosting female entrepreneurship in the past 2 years?

September signed the end of the long-term project ESTEEM- Enhance and Stimulate Trust while Exploring new forms of Entrepreneurship Modules financed by the Erasmus + Programme.

The project led by the Chamber of Craft Lyon Rhône (France), in collaboration with the Spanish association APECVA, the Portuguese university institute ISCTE and the Italian association TDM 2000 International aimed to support female entrepreneurship by encouraging trust and by exploring and developing new forms of entrepreneurship modules.

What has been done?

Since October 2020, partners from Italy, Spain, and Portugal together with the CMA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have joined forces to
develop training activities and tools based on innovative approaches to support professional diversity in the craft sector.

Some of the

Closing of the “EurVoice” project

The final event of the EurVoice project was hosted in Budapest, September 21-24. The two-day event, preceded by an evaluation conference among the partners, served to present the results of the project to the public.
EurVoice is a project aimed at promoting the active participation of young people through the creation of a virtual hub that is an open innovative tool that provides space for young people and youth workers to interact with each other and learn.

Final Meeting of the ESTEEM Project

The final event of the ESTEEM Project was held in Lyon, France at the premises of the CMA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. During the meeting on the 22-23 of September, it was held also a Final Conference.

The conference gathered online participants from all the involved countries Spain, Italy, and Portugal as well as people on presence. In this regard, the representatives of the organisations presented the main results of the project.

Sport, Nature and activities for participation and inclusion!

We are very pleased to announce a new collaboration under the project Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for Environmental Awareness and Lifestyle based on training and exchange of best practices in green sports and outdoor activities. Launch of the project and preparation of working procedures, training, and exchange, at the kick-off meeting hosted in Cagliari in July.


The project is an 18-month educational pathway, and it is based on the exchange of best practices on the impact of green sports and outdoor activities. Through its activities, both local and international, the project intends enable youth workers, organizations, and young people, to develop a limited set of measures, actions

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