YOUTH WORK SEAL: a participatory approach to the issue of citizenship and the connection with youth work

On July 31, we hosted online the first activities of the Youth Work Seal: taking the youth work to the next level! project while waiting to meet all of us in Malta for the official kick-off to be hosted from September 18 to 23.

The activity, preparatory to the official one in Malta, served to get to know each other better, present the project and its activities, and discuss together the strategy to be implemented: interesting ideas and important points of view emerged, in

Educational material and green sport activities in our area

The activities of the project “Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for Environmental Awareness and Lifestyle” are continuing, and in recent months we have been engaged in carrying out a careful analysis on the territory aimed at deepening the topic:

What does sustainability in sports mean?

Do green sports exist or are they implemented in our region?

What can be identified as best practices?

These are some of the questions we answered and we are very happy to be able to share soon

Launch of Youth Fit for 55 Website

We are excited to announce the official launch of the Youth Fit for 55 website, a platform dedicated to promoting a greener and more sustainable future for our youth. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to combat climate change and empower young individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

The Youth Fit for 55 project aims to raise awareness about the “Fit for 55” goals while empowering youth workers and organizations to adopt sustainable practices. Through our website, we strive to provide valuable information and resources to help young people and youth workers learn about and engage in sustainable actions.

Here’s what you can find on our Youth Fit

Calling All Young Creatives: Idea Competition and Shape the Future!

On the 20th of June, the contest for young creatives for the project “Changemakers for European Democracy” commenced, and it will continue until the 7th of July. The contest invites talented creatives who wish to embrace a European-level challenge by designing a visual identity for the project. Participants will have the opportunity to win a week-long trip from the 6th to the 13th of August in Sardinia, Italy, for the renowned event called the “International Summerweek.” This event attracts over 150 young people from more than 40 different countries, all eager to participate this year.

Additionally, for further information, interested individuals can find all the necessary details and materials to participate in

YouPlay – The Mid-term Partners Coordination Meeting in Madrid

On the 15th of June the partners of our project “YouPlay” attended in Madrid the Mid-term Partners Coordination Meeting, hosted by our Spanish Partner “Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología – UCM”.
The meeting was an occasion to discuss and evaluate the activities already implemented and to plan the future ones which will see the development of an educational games. Check our dedicated website for more info.

ABCDemocracy: first activities of a new project!

A new project is started some weeks ago and we are very happy to be able to contribute our experience! ABCDemocracy is a small-scale partnership within the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Plus programme. This project involves three countries from Spain (Asociación Moviéndote por la Integración y la Participación Ciudadana), Italy (TDM 2000

TDM 2000 International is one of the European Networks as a beneficiary of the Operating Grant for 2023

TDM 2000 International is happy to announce that it is receiving the support of the European Commission’s Operating Grant for its activity in 2023. The approval of it has already made many steps possible, and we cannot wait for the activities and improvements we want to make in the following months. 


The approval of the Operating Grant will allow us to achieve different objectives by doing multiple actions, such as:

-Capacity-building events

-Contributing to the evolution of youth work

-Promoting European values and active participation among youngsters

-Encouraging cooperation among youth, institutions, businesses and other NGOs/ENGOs

-Developing measures for youth participation and education

YouPlay – Conferences and workshops in Cagliari

During the month of march and april the two Italian partners TDM 2000 International and TDM 2000, members of the consortium of the project “YouPlay – YOUth PLAYful engagement”, organized two cycles of conferences and workshops lasting three days each.

During the events more than 100 people (youngsters, teachers, policy makers and other stakeholders) were involved to discuss about the project topics and propose ideas for the development of the educational game on active participation and SDGs.

Sport, training and education in Larnaca: the international seminar of the Green project

The activities of our project Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for Environmental Awareness and Lifestyle, an European educational project based on the exchange of good practices in green and sustainable sports, continue. After the first international activity, hosted in Cagliari in July 2022, activities were organized in Cyprus where the international seminar was hosted (26 th February, 1 st March 2023).

After a preliminary desk research phase aimed at identifying the impact of green and sustainable sports in the communities involved, the delegates from the associations involved, moved to Cyprus to formalize the research and lay the groundwork for the development of subsequent actions.

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