The Training Course “Milestones for the European Highway of EVS” will be held in Greece, in the region of Attica, in hotel Avra ( ). The activity will last 7 days, from 21 to 28 November 2011.

“Milestones for the European Highway of EVS” is a training course which, as a final aim, wants to enrich the preparation of youth workers and trainers of the youth field on the topic of European Voluntary Service. The methodology used will be no formal education and the program will include elements proper of a training course (like sessions on the EVS Program, roles in the EVS, problems that can arise during the EVS project, analysis of the new trend of the youth sector, sharing of experiences, project development sessionы) but also some elements of a partnership building activity (like organizations presentations, concrete proposals for future cooperation in the youth field).

Every day the participants will reflect on the meaning of the 8 key competences of the YouthPass, making more effective the learning process. The Project foresees the creation of a website to create a kind of “intranet” for the organizations active in the field of EVS. There will be 24 participants, representing 12 organizations coming from 12 different countries.