The Mid-term Evaluation Meeting of the international project “Prince, Merchant and Citizen as one: CSR in Europe” was held in Cagliari on 3rd February 2013.

The team, made up by the representative of the Italian, Polish and Portuguese partners, met in the fascinating framework of the Harbor of Cagliari, in the TDM 2000’s front office, that hosted the event. The Turkish Partner unfortunately could not take part to the Meeting, but sent us a brief report about the local activities carried out in Turkey.

Thank to the report made by each partner, we benefited from the insights and advice of the colleagues, that helped us to better understand the approaches they used at the local level. Hence, the partners described the activities organized in their own communities and analyzed the diverse ways they chose to address the subject: CSR management, being an extremely rich topic with a plenty of aspects to be considered, allows the partners to freely choose the kind of activities to organize and the different forms of involvement of the local communities, as well as the local partners.

The features of the single action undertaken by each partner were explored in details, to understand if some of them could be replied in the other realities: some activities organized in Portugal and in Poland and in Italy, to promote effective integration policies between the private and the third sector, has been inspiring for further developments.

During the Meeting we focused also on the visibility strategy, the steps to be undertaken to create the white book of CSR, as the output to be produced in the upcoming international appointments of the project.

Besides the working moments, the team had the chance to share opinions and learn from each other during a typical Sardinian lunch.

In the end, we recorded some small interviews with the impressions of the participants about the Meeting.

We expect to improve the experience gained till now, conceiving and sharing project ideas together and providing examples of the tools as well as the methods which may be used for the development of such CSR projects in the future. read more…