TDM 2000 International – Your Partner for Success!

general_assemblyTDM 2000 International is a great way to make new contacts and get access to a world of opportunities. Through our international network and projects we are able to promote active participation and shape our future. Furthermore, we can apply directly to Brussels, which allows us to apply for bigger actions/ larger scale projects with higher grants and longer duration.We see all our members as partners that work together. You can see us as the central point of contact, a place where your organisation can get actively involved, as well as a placeto share and where your ideas are listened too.

Member Benefits

  • benefitsIncreased visibility at a local and international level
  • Quarterly newsletter – including:
    • Updates on recent activities
    • Call for Partners
    • Upcoming events (trainings, seminars etc.)
    • Recent statistics
  • Opportunity to join sector specific working groups and shape the future
  • Access to a special skills and competences of the partner organisations
  • Participation in larger scale projects that require you to be part of a network
  • Annual General Assembly
  • Various kinds of Contest (pictures, videos etc.)
  • Continues activities with all Member countries
  • Representation in lobbying and advocacy