Young Improvers for Youth Development

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Young Improvers for Youth Development is an NGO founded in the spring of 2015 out of a passion for non-formal education and the active involvement of young people in the community.
We are a group of young people who are always ready to learn something and share it. Although we have known each other for years, each of us studies at a different university in Bulgaria. We are aware of our
social responsibility as a youth and we are willing to be more active and dynamic and use our potential in a good and useful way. As one of the group’s aims, we want to reach more youngsters and give them the
opportunity to travel, meet people from other countries, and learn  through participation and cooperation. By doing this, we believe that not only those youngsters will have a chance to extend their horizon but also they will be able to come together with young people from other countries, share their, ideas, cultures, traditions… etc. with each other. We aim at acquiring new skills and using them for young people around us to make them realize the power, energy, and potential they have.
Participation of young people, Community development, Human Rights, Intercultural dialogue, and Volunteering are some of the topics we are focused on.