VIVID z.s.

Work Želeč 131 Želeč Brodek u Prostějova 79807 Czech Republic Home Phone: 00420722507877 Website:


VIVID is a non-profit association primarily founded with the aim of enriching the cultural life and providing educational opportunities in rural areas of Moravia. Another important aim is to foster respect among different social groups and improve the life quality in the environment of their coexistence. The association organizes informal meetings where people from the local community share together artistic passion and creativity as well as the annual festival of non profit organizations, where more than 1000 people from Želeč and the nearby areas get a chance to get information about the NGO sector and witness the numerous performances of musicians, painters, graffitti artists and many others. VIVID z.s. is also active within the Erasmus+ programme, providing opportunities for youngsters and youth leaders from the area to improve their competences abroad, as well as giving the local community a chance to learn from and exchange experience with other Europeans.

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