TDM 2000 Polska

Work Zaciszna Str. 64/8 Olawa 55-200 Poland Work Fax: +48 506 579 215 Home Phone: +48717165169 Website:


TDM2000 Polska is the NGO established over a year ago, and is the Polish branch of TDM2000, an international youth non­governmental organisation. We’re focused on European youth development, mobility and education. Our mission is to bring young Europeans together and give them the tools to construct a better Europe for everyone! So far we have managed to successfully implement 4 projects, two regarding the local initiatives and youth activation and other two in international cooperation with our partners around the Europe. We have also been a partner to other organisations in and outside of the TDM International network. Our team and volunteers are willing to cooperate and participate in projects regarding youth in Europe in many different dimensions and topics!

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