TDM 2000 Malta

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TDM2000 Malta, was set up five years ago and has dedicated a great deal of time and effort towards achieving the organization’s goals within the Maltese society and international sphere. Members are aged between 18 and thirty and any work done within the group is on a voluntary basis.


To date, a number of fund raising activities have been organized or participated in by our organization, with the proceeds being donated to a number of charitable institutions. In addition to this, all branches of the organization have also successfully participated in a number of youth exchanges and training courses that have been organized throughout Europe and beyond, each dealing with specific themes such as

  • language barriers to communication
  • cultural differences
  • historical and literary heritage
  • Human Rights Education and
  • Health

All of these activities serve as a means of broadening one’s knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, and aims to encourage participants to develop their intellectual, practical and artistic capabilities. Empowering youth in this manner and encouraging a deeper understanding of the topic in question will in turn contribute to the successful integration of European society on the whole.

Activities which we have organised and hosted under the Youth In Action programme include Youth Exchange on health, Training Courses relating to the issue of human rights, Religious dialogue, and Gender Issues.

Other important activities which we organise as an association is the annual Nadur Carnival Weekend, whereby over a 100 youths join us for a weekend in our sister island Gozo to experience the traditional carnival and all its festivities. This is a good opportunity for all our members and friends to meet up and relax in fun environment.

Other fun activities for our members include Summer Parties and BBQs, Treasure Hunts and football Tournaments, annual Christmas Parties and Fenkatas, which is a traditional Maltese meal.

Another fundamental factor which makes TDM2000 MALTA what it is is ‘TDM HANDS ON!’ a subsidiary of TDM 2000 MALTA, this is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at organizing youth activities, such as youth exchanges, international summer camps, fund raising activities for charity and various programmes that bring meaningful benefits to our young generation. The section of TDM HANDS ON of TDM 2000 MALTA exclusively takes care of charity and voluntary work with and for people with fewer opportunities. All these activities are organised with the help provided to youth organisations by the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and any other group, organisation or company who decide to co-fund projects organised by TDM 2000 MALTA or TDM HANDS ON! To date ‘TDM HANDS ON’ has concluded two projects; the first project was called “WORK OUT: Promoting Exercise for All” and this involved the renovation of the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym at ‘Id-Dar tal-Providenza’, the second project was entitled “Reaching for the stars; All children have a right to play!”, here we helped in the renovation of the grounds at “Dar Sagra Familja” in Zabbar, in the hope that the children of this institute may benefit from a safe outdoor play area, where they can play freely to their heart’s desire.

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