TDM 2000 Germany

Work Pestalozzistr. 20 Munich 80469 Germany


TDM 2000 Germany is aimed at the promotion of the development of the individual, by creating opportunities of interaction and comparison between the young people from various cultures and nationalities; it contributes to the development of the personal and professional skills of the youngsters through training courses and involving them in practical experiences of life.
The organisation supports young people in expressing themselves and it increases their participation in youth organisations and society, as well as in the decision-making processes. It is a recognised partner for local, national and international institutions, in this way it positively influences policy issues affecting young people and youth organisations and their future. Other aims and objectives include: facilitation of the participation of young people through the development of sustainable and independent youth organisations at the local, national and international level; support the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, and equal rights and opportunities among young people in the world; uphold intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, active citizenship and solidarity and fight racism, discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.
NGO Activities:
capacity building,
training and networking,
youth exchanges.

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