Work Rua do Centro Cultural e Social de Santo Adrião s/n 4715-016 Braga Portugal Work Phone: +351253299230 Website:


Synergia is composed by a multidisciplinary team, with the aim to promote events and develop projects for young people Braga, maintaining a close relationship with the whole community but always open to European awareness. It tries to give value to every day young people, through sport and social culture activities, challenging everyone to join us.


Synergia is involved in several projects, with the support of numerous volunteers, whom bring us the best of what they do. We tried to work on several fronts, assuming primary responsibility for the integration of all young people, with special attention to those who typically have more difficulty in accessing activities. It has several projects focusing on various areas: Urban Design Arts, Web TV, Web Radio, Office Project Support, Psychological Support Office, European Projects, Academy Synergia, Synergia Space and TOCA (Associative and Cultural Office for Associations).

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