Work Bursztynowa 1/17 Kraków 31-213 Poland Work Phone: 0048884080307 Website:


SMIT “CREATOR” was found in 2011 by active young people with extensive international experience and different expertise. It’s a non-government, non-political, non-religious organization from Krakow working in the fields of project management, research and training for and with youth. SMIT CREATOR’s main purpose is the exchange of creative ideas, promotion of values, tradition and art in the countries of Europe and beyond. It aims to contribute to intercultural dialogue and exchange, creating a common ground for cooperation with scientific, cultural and educational fields at an international level.


THEIR EXPERIENCE as for a young organization is already vast. They have been sending their members to many countries and various projects, preparing their staff to be ready to create and run fantastic projects.

THEIR TEAM consists of young professionals, among which are: a trained psychologist, HR specialists, intercultural dialog specialist, a youth leaders, experienced volunteers, and many others. All working for you and your benefit.

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