Contact: Ivana Naceva
Home Društvo ŠKUC Stari trg 21, Ljubljana 1000 Slovenia Work Phone: +386 01 432 73 68 Work Fax: +386 01 232 91 85 Website: skuc.org



ŠKUC is one of the leading non-governmental organizations promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia. It holds the status of an association working in the public interest in the cultural field. Its beginnings date back to Ljubljana’s radical student movement of 1968; it was formally established in on 31 January 1972. Today, ŠKUC’s main goals are primarily aimed at developing cultural activities that represent an independent and alternative form and comprehension of cultural production and its implementation in the public sphere, as well as researching new cultural practices within the areas of the general dominant culture.


In addition, ŠKUC is paying special attention to cultural socialization of young people, forms of their active and passive participation related to activities of the ŠKUC association and to socially excluded and marginalized groups. For this reason, ŠKUC association performs various educational, preventive, informational, counselling and social activities and encourages intercultural connections and exchanges. On the basis of such work, association SKUC gained the status of youth center and status of an association working in the public interest in the field of health care.