Association “MEMOVE”

Work Jaunimo a.10 Kaunas 50116 Lithuania Work Phone: +37062044045 Website:


Association “MEMOVE” is non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Kaunas. It was created by the young artists, scientists and young entrepreneurs who are always striving to find a ways of collaboration together. The motivation to spread information about the youth programmes in local community and make youngsters more aware about various EU opportunities, international collaboration, end their rights was a reason to create the association which promotes personal and professional development of young creative personalities.



  • To encourage young artists, scientists and business men to collaborate with each other and create   a mixed  group of young  professionals for various future projects.
  • To stimulate the exchange of ideas and different experience, mutual understanding and opportunities among young people with different fields of interest.
  • To fight stereotype  that  artists ,scientists and business men are from different planets .
  • To support young creative people for their ideas and business plans.
  • To develop the best practice of the synthesis of arts, science and business.

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