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Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias – Developmental Centre Of Thessaly (D.C.T. – A.KE.TH.) is a nonprofit continuing vocational education & training (VET) centre/provider. AKETH was founded in 2004 and it is certified by the National Accreditation Organization for Vocational Training/Skills. AKETH’s mission is to provide certified education & training opportunities, consulting & assistance under the National and European frameworks, creating added value to all of the involvers.
A.KE.TH.’s main objectives are:
1. continuing training and development of relevant activities such as studies and researches;
2. actions of promotion and support of employment consulting;
3. consultancy services that combine: Planning – Systems – Human Resources.
Under the existing institutional framework, AKETH’s trainings are mainly delivered to the unemployed, the employees in private sector, the employees in the wider public sector and socially vulnerable groups.
AKETH implements informal continuing training programs aiming at fostering the relevance of training to the labor market, programs against social exclusion aimed at helping unemployed to re-enter the labor market, programs for self-employed, in-service training programs. Continuing VET programs include theoretical training and internships. Its training activities aim at maintenance, renewal, upgrading and modernization of the professional knowledge, competences and skills of the unemployed, who need expertise in order to seek work/job and of the employees, employers, people in labour market who want professional development.
The staff of the Centre create a scientific group which consists of people specialized in the submission and realization of national and European programmes & projects, in the realization of programmes such as Lingua and CITIZENSHIP EACEA, in the training of people through National Training Programmes like LAEK and in the management of European Training Programs like LLP (LDV & Erasmus+).
Furthermore the AKETH’s lab customizes, designs, deploys open software applications, exploiting experts who are active on technology-enhanced learning. These applications are related to modern learning trends empowering learners digital skills by learning processes supporting. In addition, the implementation-team offers expertise on other technologies for education including mobile learning, community-based learning, peer-learning, and more.

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