We are at the end of the activities of the project “SPORTive: Lo sport come strumento per l’Inclusione e l’Educazione ai Valori”. Sportive is a Solidarity Project of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and funded by the Italian National Agency.

The activities are involving young people in the 15-25 age group. The activities are being held in collaboration with several schools based in Cagliari and are involving different target groups teachers, school leaders and parents.

Part of the group of the young beneficiaries, are also disadvantaged young people from working class neighborhoods with situations economic and social problems, young people at risk of social marginalization, young people with a migratory background.

In the framework of the project, we are organizing a series of laboratories. The training sessions are based on the methodology of non-formal education and of experiential learning; brainstorming, role play, group discussions, presentations and sports activities. All activities are designed to stimulate a reflection of young people on their attitudes, developing their awareness of the importance of values such as solidarity and fair play and the influence their actions have on their life and society.