My Internship in TDM 2000 International

Tuesday the 29th of May of 2018, 10am:

New task! Carla (the girl cutting the big pizza), showed me the project that she is working on with Antonio “Development of New Inter-religious Tools“. This is a board game about religions.

Sunday the 5th of June if 2018, 9am:

Big event! I woke up early to help the staff preparing all the stands for the Sport Village event for the project “Get Addicted to sport Values”. Sun was hitting so hard but we survived. I was there to greeting people and distributing flyers in order to make people come inside the event. Everyone had a specific task. I really will enjoy this day. There were different kind of sport and I practiced American Football.


  • Lot of people
  • Erasmus+ of 3 months
  • Barcelona Coffee
  • Emma, a French girl of 22 years old who didn’t want to pursue her studies right after being graduated in BA Degree of Applied Foreign Languages but travelling and having experience in project management.


Monday the 14th of May of 2018, 11am:

After a long trip I am finally there to meet all the staff. Iris, Alessia, Davide, Atif, Luisa, Michele, Angelica….. and I have already forgot all these names. I was expecting to work since the first day or at least the first week but nothing at all. Everyone was there to show me their work and the beautiful districts of Cagliari. I quickly realized that the “Barcelona” coffee was the meeting point of all the staff. And then, the member’s evening where I could see all the project that everyone was running.

Monday the 21th of May of 2018, 10am:

Finally, some work! I worked with Davide for the project “I’Mappy”, which is a mobile phone application that gather all the association in different countries that can help the migrants. Having experience in translation at the university I was happy to practice my skills to translate into French all the necessary information. After that, I joined Luca and Angelica in the project about entrepreneurship. I’ve met people from Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraina and I also had the chance to see different little business of Sardinia and taste the biggest pizza that I could see. 


During the first week I had nothing to do, just some meeting in order to know about what’s going on in the association, I felt so useless… But it was just the beginning. I understood that I have the possibility to feel free to propose my ideas, like I did for the Sisterality’s project, and now I’m in charge to run an activity for the next member’s evening. I took conscious that written a project is a long process and having the fund from the European Union could be difficult. I am in very well-organized team, where each has his role to play and with a really good atmosphere. I enhance my cultural knowledge by working on different project but also meeting wonderful people from different background. It’s been 1 month now that I am here, but I feel like just for one week. I do not want to leave… 

Written by Iris Prinses