The Youth Work Seal project’s international activity, structured in the form of a seminar, was hosted in Cagliari , Italy, from February 13-20. During the activities, the delegates involved, particularly young people, youth workers and policy makers, discussed and analyzed data from the consultation work undertaken in their respective countries. From the data that emerged, they created recommendations, an expression of the issues most felt by young people.

An adequate time and space were devoted to testing and sharing methodologies for active participation and training of young people, especially testing the tools used for consultation activities at the local level.

All the results of the project will be shared on this platform through the special results section that will contain infographics summarizing the results that emerged from the online consultations; a policy paper with recommendations addressed to policymakers inside; and, finally, a video summary of the project.

Finally, the delegates involved set up the work for the final meeting in Brussels at which the results of the project will be presented.