The international training of trainers was held in Cagliari from the 8th to the 16th of July 2017.

During the 9 days activity 20 representatives of all the project partners attended the different sessions developed during the training, among the different topics covered:

Defining Sport Values;

International Sport Organisations;

Sport Values in school sport;

Threats to integrity in sport: match fixing, violence, racism and discrimination;

How to tackle doping with youngsters;

EU policies and Programmes.

During the training the participants developed various recommendations which will be sent to public and private Institutions; the aim is to stimulate institutions to provide a ground which could guarantee all the organisations involved in the field to work better. The base for the awareness campaign has been set up.

The last part of the training was dedicated to the development of tools & practices for sport value-based education, possible workshops which could be implemented in the countries all the organizations part of the project come from, best practices that could be used as educational sport tools for young sportsmen.