Alberto, Arianna and Giulia are the 3 selected volunteers of the Universal Civil Service project “Inform: from word to action: promotion of training courses for young Sardinians”.

Let’s get to know them a little better…


Born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), he has been attracted to the world of non-formal education since childhood, so much so that for several years he worked as an animator for young people. After graduating from high school, graduating in Political Science, he discovered international mobility at the end of 2018, fascinated by it, he undertook the path of the volunteer in 2019, participating in numerous international mobility projects. He developed many soft skills useful to complete his social and professional profile and in 2020 he started the National Civil Service at the International Association TDM 2000.  Civil Service is still ongoing, despite the difficulties encountered in this year, through which he is having the opportunity to learn more and more, get involved in different fields and develop himself to face the future more successfully.


Born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) she has been playing football since the age of eight, participating for many years in national level championships. Now she continues to follow her passion as a coach for young soccer players. She graduated last year in classical literature at the University of Cagliari and dreams of becoming a teacher in a secondary school. Thanks to the civil service and TDM 2000 International, she discovered the world of non-formal education and was fascinated by it, being able to reuse those activities in her career as a football coach and, who knows, in that of a teacher. During the civil service she had the opportunity to improve his level of English, her IT skills, especially as regards the management of social media and newsletters.


Born in Cagliari (Sardegna, Italy) she is studying for the Master Degree in Philology and Classic and Modern Literatures and also holds the diploma of archivist. Through the first she lives her passion for literature and languages, in the second she has rediscovered the importance of history and obviously in both of them she manages to stay in close contact with culture and art. In order to complete her ongoing preparation, she starts the National Civil Service at the Association TDM 2000 International in 2019. She realizes which skills to be improved or developed, such as public talking, communication, digital and social competence. She takes care of keeping the digital library in order, a section of the site where you can access various useful materials for young people, youth workers, educators, adults, curious people. In this sense the abilities she develops in the management of this collection are compatible also with her interest in the archives. Teamwork, self-leadership in time management, problem identification and the priority of tasks to be managed, increase of problem solving, creativity and critical thinking are added to the skills to be improved for life, for job, to grow as a person.